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Lectures: MSc. Jaroslav Valach Ph.D.
Practicals: MSc. Marcel Adorna


Main topics

  • Mechanical properties of materials
  • Experimental testing of mechanical properties of materials
  • The main classes of materials
  • Defectoscopy
  • Degradation of materials

Main goals of the course

Student will obtain a general overview of technically important materials (metals, polymers and composites). The basic level materials science course builds a consistent explanation of materials from the level of atomic level to practical procedures during technological processes and material production. He/she will also understand decisive mechanical properties of materials for engineering and technology on the basis of hands-on practicing of the most important mechanical tests like tensile test or hardness test.


  1. W.D. Callister, Jr.: Materials science and engineering: an introduction. John Wiley & Sons 2000

Conditions for course credit assignment

  1. Delivery of all laboratory protocols and individual exercises in final form approved by the teacher.
    • Assignments of laboratory measurements and individual exercises can be found in Appendices A and B.
  2. All conditions have to be met at the latest on 8 January 2019.


# Title Download
1 Mechanical properties of materials, structure of materials pdf
2 Crystal structure, lattice defects pdf
3 Solid solutions, thermodynamics and binary diagrams pdf
4 Steel and cast iron, quenching, tempering, annealing pdf
5 Fe-C diagram, special steels and alloys. Non-ferrous metals pdf
6 Polymers, structure, processing, mechanical properties pdf
7 Composites - properties, advantages, synergies, fibers and matrix pdf
8 Degradation of materials, nondestructive testing pdf

Practicals - Tensile test

# Title Download
1 Group 1 txt
2 Group 2 txt
3 Group 3 txt


Title Download
Laboratory Report - template pdf


Title Download
Set of questions pdf

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