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Lectures: MSc. Jaroslav Valach Ph.D.
Practicals: MSc. Michaela Neuhäuserová



Main topics

  • Mechanical properties of materials
  • Experimental testing of mechanical properties of materials
  • The main classes of materials
  • Defectoscopy
  • Degradation of materials

Main goals of the course

Student will obtain a general overview of technically important materials (metals, polymers and composites). The basic level materials science course builds a consistent explanation of materials from the level of atomic level to practical procedures during technological processes and material production. He/she will also understand decisive mechanical properties of materials for engineering and technology on the basis of hands-on practicing of the most important mechanical tests like tensile test or hardness test.


  1. W.D. Callister, Jr.: Materials science and engineering: an introduction. John Wiley & Sons 2000

Organization of contactless teaching

The lectures will take place in MS Teams (Team: Predmet-B201-18MTY-S83) in the time given by the schedule of study group 1-83. Video recordings of the lectures will be accessible via Moodle.

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